This article will be giving tips on how to communicate effective with woman. It might all just sound illogical but that’s the way that is expected of you. The trick here is to do what works and not ask so much about it as for thousand years this sort of communication method existed. You don’t reinvent the wheel but just goes with the flow.

Have fun rather than thinking too much about what to say, don’t talk too much; remember you are not in the talk show trying to entertain a crowd. Be in the moment and enjoy being with the gal you are out with. If you aren’t comfortable in your own skin the gal wouldn’t as well.

Can you spot what this guy did wrong? (Part 2) The Answer other day I sent you an email asking you if you could spot the HUGE and common mistake that my email coaching client had made on a recent date. If you have a strange fetish where you like to suck on pinky toes but only when it’s really bright out….. Maybe there are some conversation that can be delayed. Read more…


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