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How would you like to learn exactly how the big marketing Guru's make all of that cash on the Internet?

How many products would you be selling online if you knew exactly how to write sales letters that almost guaranteed your success every time you launch a new product?

If you need to learn how to write sales letters, or if you need to know how to re-work a sales letter that is pulling poor conversion rates, then you have found the holy grail.

Read below to learn how you can start taking your sales copy to a level that would have cost you thousands of dollars a pop to hire out... now you can do it on your own with an easy step by step formula.

From: Your Name Here
Tuesday 11:06 AM

Dear Friend,

Imagine spending 3 months and $4,957 developing your 'next big idea' only to fall flat on your face on launch day. How would that make you feel? Because for my friend Jerry that's exactly what happened. He actually developed a pretty good set of video training, spent a small fortune on getting flashy design work created, and hired a programmer to put together his affiliate program... He spent TONS of money, but he forgot 1 thing... the COPY!

"I'm So Frustrated!" - Jerry's words not mine.....

"How I Generated $17,987 In Sales Over 3 Days"

He came to me, desperate...

So I shared with him a simple formula that generated $17,987 in sales from 11:57 am Friday, till 9:43pm Sunday night...

When Jerry originally launched the product, his 'sales page' was nothing but features of the product. A long list of specs that he put together thinking that he would impress the buyer, and frankly it put me to sleep reading it...

It didn't engage the reader with a story, like I'm doing with you now. It didn't birth any curiosity, like I did with the line 'how I generated $17,987 in sales over 3 days, just above in red...'

There wasn't anything that related to the emotional distress that his customers might be feeling at that point, kinda like I've been doing with the subtle way I chose to phrase my sentences...

If you go back and read the copy up to this point you'll start to notice a little bit of subliminal undertone...

I instantly engaged you to take action and keep reading, by engaging you in a story that was already in action...

I caused you to relate to the message, because let's be honest... How many of us have ever had a failed project... how many of us have ever worked so hard for something, and were a little frustrated that it didn't perform the way that we had expected...

(see I'm doing it again... getting you to subconsciously nod your head in agreement)

This is a very carefully placed emotional trigger that works every time... 'get this'... State a problem that someone might be facing, then a promise of a solution, all wrapped up in a nice little story...

...and you'll begin to see how using these techniques will quadruple your sales literally overnight...

"Introducing The Copywriting Bully Method!"

Today you get a chance to add your name to the big Internet marketing 'gurus' that command 7 figure launches.

Do you know what makes up a 6 or a 7 figure launch???...

LOTS of really good copy! Period...

Have you ever ordered one of those $3k 'home study courses'... If so, then go back, grab it off the book shelf, dust it off, and ask yourself 1 question... "Was This Worth $3k?" - lol

Chances are you will answer with a no... why?... because the hype has died down. You no longer have that slick sales copy convincing you that...

...this one product is THE product that will change your business, so you better scroll down and 'order now' before you miss out forever...

Copy sells... Products do not...

In fact great copy can sell poor products, but poor copy will never sell a great product!

And that's why I've created this easy to follow, step-by-step system that will guide you through learning how to yield the awesome power of 'controlling peoples minds'...

Are you going to really be controlling peoples minds?... No... but you are going to be able to position your product in such a way that it makes people want to 'scroll down and buy right now'...

"Does Copywriting Bully Really Get Results?"

Well don't just take our word for it...
"I was surprised... I just made a few small tweaks to the sales copy I already had in place (honestly thinking that it wouldn't make that much of a difference) but my sales conversions went from 1.9% to 8.5%!

That's not bad on a $497 product!..."
John Patish - Montreal, Canada

"Here's Just A Small Taste Of What You'll Learn Inside..."

bullet The Single Most Important Thing To Do When Writing Copy, And How To Effectively Use This
1 Simple Thing To Sky Rocket Your Results By 1200%...
bullet How To Instantly Get 50% More Opt-Ins And Sales, Without Drive 1 Extra Person To Your Site...
bullet 7 Surefire Headline Templates That Have Made Billions of Dollars In Sales, And How You Can
Change Just A Few Words To Easily Make $30,000 In A Weekend...
bullet How To Engage The Reader To Take Action From The Very First Word Of Your Copy, And How
To Get Them To Beg You To Let The Buy..
bullet How To Bypass The 'Skeptical' Trigger And 'Sales Barrier' In Your Customers Mind To Guarantee
That They Buy Now...
bullet The Infamous 1-2 Punch That Will Make Your Customers Literally Say... "I Got To Have This!"...
bullet The 'Secret' Formula For 7 Figure Copy, That ALL The Major 'Gurus' Use...
bullet The 1 Paragraph You MUST Have To Increase Sales 87%...
bullet And Much Much More...

Everyone knows that if you have a website that's making sales even though it's getting traffic, you may as well turn it off and save the money that you pay for hosting that site.  If your sales copy is bad your sales will be worse.

Poor sales copy, equals no cash, there are no two ways about it!

If you are not making sales with our current website the most likely problem is with your current sales copy.  Just like Jerry above, this is something that you need to change right away.

If you want to start making sales then you need great sales copy, plain and simple! 

You Have Just Found The Holy Grail Of Writing Copy That Sells, It's Easy, Quick, And Non-Stop Cash When You Know Exactly What To Do!

I have been marketing online for many years.  I have purchased just about every copywriting program there is to be found, some work some didn't.  Most of them were flat-out a waste of time.  The crazy thing is no matter what the cost of these programs, most didn't work any better than the others.

You would think a $2000 copywriting course would deliver way more than a course that you paid $97 for, but my experience this usually isn't the case.  let me tell you it's pretty disappointing when you spend $2000 for a sales copy course only to find out that you learned more in a course you bought previously for just 10% of the cost.

I have been purchasing copy programs for years along with tweaking and testing out other little secret copywriting strategies that I have figured out on my own.  What I'm going to tell you about today is one of the absolute best ways I have found for writing sales copy that converts PERIOD.

It's not some great big glamorous $2000 course that I plan to do a great big launch on, it's just too simple for that, although the results that you will get with my strategy definitely warrants a price like that.

You see the thing is once most copywriting Guru's come up with a great idea on how to convert more sales in their writing, they start thinking they need to create 20 DVDs and fill them with a bunch of fluff and filler that's going to take you four days straight to watch just so they can talk you into paying thousands of dollars for the information.

There is nothing I hate worse than spending four days watching a set of DVDs only to find out that the secret part of the course that's actually going to get me writing the kind of sales copy I need could have been told to me in 15 minutes...

The other 18 hours of the course was just a bunch of hype and bull - a total time waster if you will.

You See, It's Pretty Hard For These Jokers To Sell You A 20 Minute Video For $2000 So They Puff It Up With Filler To Trick You Out Of Your Hard Earned Cash!

Most sales copy writing ideas and tricks, are pretty simple once you think about them.  None of them take seven hours or 10 hours or 20 hours to tell you.  The next time you see a set of DVDs like this run.... save your money and take a nice little vacation at least then you'll get something out of it or you can enjoy and remember.

There are literally hundreds of ways to craft copy that sells into your website- I'd be lying to you if I told you anything different. 

What I am about to teach you are just a few of those hundreds of ways.  Is mine the best way?  I have no idea and I would be lying to you if I told you different.  But what I can tell you is out of all of the sales copy I have written this simple step by step process I have laid out here in video form is one of the easiest and best ways to get the kind of sales conversation and opt in rates that you will have ever come across.

It's not going to take me 20 hours to teach it to you either! I could probably explain the basics of it to you in 15 minutes.. but rather than leaving you with questions because I gave you too brief of a description, I have created a two-hour video tutorial that will take you through everything step by step.

In the past I have tried all of the crazy hyped up non-delivering sales letter writing system on the Internet that promise the world but deliver nothing.  I have spent anywhere from $49 two $4999 on programs that promised to teach me the latest secrets on getting my customers to part with their cash when they encounter one of my products on the Internet only to find that most of them are full of hype and bull.

In my Copywriting Bully course there is nothing left out. There is nothing that you'll have to buy as a part two later so you can learn the "real secret" or anything like that.  This is an honest and quick tutorial to show you exactly how I write killer sales letters that almost force customers to buy with a few simple techniques.

I Create Cash On Demand, Whenever I Need It, Plain And Simple!

If you aren't making sales on your website, you're copy sucks... it's usually that simple!

The method that I'm going to teach you about is simple to do, in fact you will be writing along with the videos to raise the level of your current copy and you will see instant results once you have used the Copy Bully method on your sales letter.

I created and perfected this method, and once I realized how well it was working I just kept doing the same thing over and over again.  After a while I got better and better, and now I am sharing that information with you.  I am hoping you can use my system to create the same kind of results Jerry did with his $17,000 3 day weekend.

Obviously I can't promise you results like that, but you will see results.... that I can promise!

This method works with absolutely any niche that you choose to deploy it on.  Once you see how much your conversion rates jump your biggest problem is going to be creating more products in different niches because you're going to want to exploit this for everything it's worth.

As I said before their tons of ways to change up your current copy or to write new sales copy, you can buy a $2000 course and look for the five-minute nugget, you can pay a high priced copywriter to write all of your sales copy for you.. or you can find one quick and easy step by step method like this and just do it as many times you can to get the same results each time.

Once I discovered this secret little method for getting better sales results I knew I was on the something big.  It has been working for me now for over six years with no end in sight.  Every time I create a new product regardless of if it's in a niche I am currently in, or a completely new niche that I've never worked in in before- I can start seeing results in under a week every single time I put these copywriting secrets to work for me.

Imagine being able to crank our successful product after product to any brand-new website that you launch within days or weeks of launching it.  Imagine never having to rely on another over priced copy writer again.

Once you learn that you have the power to write all of the killer copy you want yourself your business will never be the same again....

I Now Create Cash Orders On Demand Every Time I Write A New Sales Letter!

This is not some lucky gimmick, or temporary trick that's only going to work for a little while and then the sales comes to a halt.  I have utilized these writing methods again and again with the same results every time.

If you want to learn a super easy way to create all the great sales copy that you need, a method that you can turn on anytime you want to then you absolutely need to take action today and pick up a copy of my short two-hour video course.

I could give you a bunch of screenshots of how much money my shopping cart brings in, and leave you wondering if they're real or Photoshoped...  But honestly I don't have the time or desire to play those kind of games.

Copywriting Bully, is very real, very reliable, and easily duplicated...  it will work for you just as it has been working for me.

Today is the day that you finally take the steps necessary to get on the road to writing your own sales copy any time you need a new or better sales letter.

Today I Share How I Twist Peoples Arms, Any Time I Choose too... And How You Can So The Same, To Create Sales on Demand!!

Everything is explained is an easy, step by step fashion so that you can start doing what you need to do quickly; to write the copy you need, anytime you need it!

As I mentioned earlier the best part is you're not going to need to spend days or weeks watching videos. I've broken down this simple step-by-step program into a short two hour video set that is so easy to understand that even a total Internet marketing newbie can handle it.

You do not need to spend 20 hours watching videos to start writing your own sales letters...

Start Writing As You Watch...

If you get started today with my step-by-step system and actually do what I tell you, you can easily have a completed sales letter in a few hours.  Of course you will get better the more time you write, but you will have a sales letter better than most $2000 copywriters will sell you in a few hours.

Give it a few weeks and you will be writing world class copy, heck you could even start hiring out your services if that is what you choose to do!

Now I'm not going to to you and tell you that this is some easy pushbutton system that requires little to no work on your part.

If you're looking for that kind of pie in the sky copy writing system or software this is definitely not the website that you should be reading now. While my system is easy to do, it does require real work to get it started.

Of course you're going to find all kinds of people that will promise secret pushbutton sales copy techniques all over the Internet, if you already have been studying writing sales copy training websites for more than a few days you probably are already aware of the shysters promising such results with no work.

Anybody that promises you great copy and better conversion rates without work is a liar so if you are looking for a copywriting system without work program you will be sorely disappointed with my system.

But if you're looking for a real way that you can start writing your own great sales copy for your website and you're not afraid of a little bit of work (like some light typing, and a little thinking) then you're going to be shocked when you see how simple and easy it is to get the kind of sales that I have with your new sales copy.

Now if you are the kind of person that doesn't like to get your hands dirty and do too much of the hard work yourself you can certainly pass my videos along to your outsourced employee or one of your in-house employees if you are lucky enough to have one and get the same kind of results assuming they follow the system step by step.

"You Are Minutes Away From Using My Copywriting Bully Method, To Get All The Sales You Have Ever Wanted"  

As you may know, people are always trying to do things on their websites to up conversion rates.

You've probably read reports, articles or courses that tell you all kinds of tricks to do on your website that will improve your sales conversion.

These "tricks" usually do nothing more than waste your valuable time or make your website look even worse that it does now.

What I am about to teach you will give you the results you are looking for I guarantee it.... more on that in just a little while.

Once you put this into action and see the conversion rates on your opt in forms go up and your sales stat to increase almost magically....  I promise you you'll be happily surprised and glad you found my video set.

Better Sales Copy You Want It!

Increase Your Websites Conversion Rates Command!

bullet Short two-hour course tells all, step by step, nothing to question.
bullet Do this work yourself or outsource it to scale up!
bullet Start getting results in as little as 12 hours from the time you start!
bullet Do it over and over again anytime you need extra traffic!
bullet So easy even a newbie copywriter can do it!

Copywriting Bully...

Start writing killer sales copy with my step-by-step method today it is incredibly easy! Even if you are new to Internet Marketing you can get this working for you in hours after watching my videos!

Getting great sales letter writing results using the methods you are about to learn is one of the easiest ways to increase sales your website I spend a ton of time looking for new ways to write copy and I tell it all in this video seminar!

It's not a magic pill, and it will require a little bit of work, but once you see it working for you you'll be amazed.  And don't worry when I say little bit of work I mean it, it's just a little bit of work.  Nothing overwhelming or too confusing is pretty simple to get started and works like gangbusters once you do get rolling.

"I was able to take what I learned inside copywriting bully, and start a freelance copywriting service... I'm making in a week what I was a month before, and the majority of my clients are REPEAT customers... so you know it works..."

Avery Beashim - Kentucky, IL, USA

Now, I know that you may have this question running around in your head so I wanted to address it right out of the gate...

There's no doubt that anyone can start writing killer sales copy with my new Copywriting Bully Video Set...

It's so easy that a grade school student could understand it and even if you're a total "Internet marketing newbie", this will be totally within your reach of understanding and application.

Listen, when I said that this information is easy to implement, I meant it.

I don't know how to build a website from scratch, install fancy web scripts, or do any kind of graphic design.  What I do know is how to write great copy so I can actually make sales of my products.

You will too once you invest two hours of your time in the watching my training, if you take what you learn and put it into action.

Signup now to get our 5 day e-course that includes the most important facts and details you must know when it comes to writing copy that sells! Without this information you face serious obstacles to achieving the kind success and wealth you deserve!

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What's Included In Copywriting Bully?

Here's just some of what you'll be uncovering in this video seminar course...


The Single Most Important Thing To Do When Writing Copy, And How To Effectively Use This
1 Simple Thing To Sky Rocket Your Results By 1200%...


How To Instantly Get 50% More Opt-Ins And Sales, Without Drive 1 Extra Person To Your Site...


7 Surefire Headline Templates That Have Made Billions of Dollars In Sales, And How You Can
Change Just A Few Words To Easily Make $30,000 In A Weekend...


How To Engage The Reader To Take Action From The Very First Word Of Your Copy, And How
To Get Them To Beg You To Let The Buy..


How To Bypass The 'Skeptical' Trigger And 'Sales Barrier' In Your Customers Mind To Guarantee
That They Buy Now...


The Infamous 1-2 Punch That Will Make Your Customers Literally Say... "I Got To Have This!"...


The 'Secret' Formula For 7 Figure Copy, That ALL The Major 'Gurus' Use...


The 1 Paragraph You MUST Have To Increase Sales 87%...


And Much Much More...

Don't You Deserve The Same Kind Of Conversion Rates As The Big Guys?

Listen I'm not going to try to sell you ALL the reasons why you should take action and purchase my program but if you need traffic you need this.

You can try another one of those $2000 courses put out by some big marketing guru that you hear everybody talking about or you can take a chance on my Copywriting Bully technique that I can teach you in under two hours, save your money and your own time so you can actually get to putting what you learn into action fast.

Can you really put a price saving your time?

I don't think so.

And before you think that I'm trying to lead up to a ridiculously high price, let me stop you.

All B.S. aside, this video course works and I know it will work for you.  I want to see you succeed and I want to save you the months of heartache and wasted time on systems that just don't work! The same kind of system that I had to go through in the past.

I also want you to be able to afford the information that I'm going to share with you so I'm going to let you grab my secret system in this easy-to-follow two-hour video seminar for an easy to afford $27 bucks.

That truly is a drop in the bucket when you consider all the time but you can save on trying to figure out something like this on your own, is that worth  $27 to you?

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In an attempt to sweeten the deal even more for you, I'm also going to add the following three hot bonuses to your order at no charge if you try my system right now...

Private Label Rights Tips by Jeremy Burns

Private Label Rights -
SECRET Tips Course Value $97.00

PLR Rights Marketing Tutorial Package Value $97.00 Private Label Rights products are hot right now!

There is a killing to be made from these ready made turn-key products if you know the insider secrets to making them work.

I have worked out a special deal with Jeremy Burns where you can grab a copy of his PLR Tips course with your purchase of this package as my free gift to you!

Additional - Bonus:

Viral YouTube Traffic -

The new Viral YouTube Traffic Guide
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If you are trying to get attention on the Internet and traffic to your website, have you considered YouTube?

YouTube is one of the top 5 visited sites on the Internet, let me show you how to re-direct some of that traffic to your website starting today!

The Niche Marketing Report
Full MASTER Giveaway Rights
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This is a great tutorial that will teach you how to research Niche markets.  You now have full giveaway right to this incredibly informative report!


Go ahead and grab the videos for less than the cost of a night on the town and start on your own road to financial freedom!

My Personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee To You...

Listen, if you don't agree that this it the most valuable and easy use resource for writing your own sales copy that you've ever used, simply email me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot..  No hard feelings and no questions asked.

In fact, I'll extend this guarantee for an entire 12 months after you get everything!

That's right, 365 days to use and get sales with my Copywriting Bully method. If you don't make at least 50 times what I am asking you to pay for it today from all the sales you get, then I insist you ask for (and receive) an immediate refund.

And if you decide to opt for a refund I still want you to keep the 3 bonuses as my free gift just for giving this a shot.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me.

If you don't like my course for any reason, any reason whatsoever such as you think it's too much work and he rather wait around for another pie-in-the-sky system or these techniques are just not making you the kind of money and getting the kind of traffic that you thought it would, - then a refund is yours.

I am that sure- that when you see how powerful a money maker this course is, you will not even think of wanting a refund!

"You'll Increase Your Opt-Ins, Conversions, And Sales 50%, Or Else It's FREE!"

This isn't just the place where I inject a powerful 'risk reversal' offer that disarms any hesitation to buy this product right now, just for the sake of writing it...

I mean it!...

Here is the ultimate 'Risk Reversal'... Buy the product, and if you don't see your sales quadruple, you don't pay a single dime. You have the full right to request a no questions asked, immediate refund... Anytime within 30 days...

So you either:

A. Make a butt load of money, and send us your praise and testimonials... or,

B. You're not out a singly penny...

So what do you have to loose by nodding your head yes, and choosing to place your order???


So go ahead and do it..


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What do you have to lose by trying Copywriting Bully today?

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P.S. You will be shocked and amazed when you see how easy it is to write your own sales copy which is going to drive more profits into your bank account!  Order now before I change my mind and limit how many of times I'm going to sell this secret method.

"I gave my copywriter access to your material, and he said that it was one of the most powerful copywriting products that he's seen. He even started changing the way he writes copy. I love the 'down in the trench' this is how you REALLY do it approach... No theory, just facts... Thank you so much!"

Tom Buelah - Niagra Falls, NY, USA

Disclaimer: The income examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, background, effort and motivation to work. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.



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