It doesn’t matter how many time you fail with gals but how many time you pick yourself up and moved forward.

Evolve! Tastes Of “Higher Consciousness” Become Habituated When Reinforced With Inner Game!

(It’s runningAugust 3 to 9th – click this link if you’ve thought about coming last minute.) Hundreds of the most dedicated dudes in the game are going to be in da house, and this year is our biggest Summit ever – it’s really crazy for me to consider what everyone is about to experience and learn. At the same time, I often feel bummed at this time of year because I’m swamped with emails from guys saying how bad they wanted to go to Summit but couldn’t get their shit together to make it. It kinda sucks because obviously it IS tough to get a week off work and get down to Vegas sometimes, but I wanted to offer my thoughts for people who wanted to go but couldn’t figure it out.

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