Dear Friend,

You probably already know this by now...

Generating the right kind of traffic and making a profit on the Internet can be a tough job.

Many have tried and most have ended up with frustration and disappointment.

If you're looking for that extra 'edge' which can potentially:

Grow your traffic

Add hundreds of fresh, responsive subscribers to your list

Then you'll want to jump on this highly time sensitive opportunity immediately.


It's the "high-octane gasoline" you need to to explode your traffic, sales and conversions.

Question: What Is A Solo Ad?

Answer: A Solo ad is a stand-alone promotional email sent to somebody else's list with YOUR URL.  The cost is usually determined by a prior agreement on the price per "unique click".

And you can get started in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Simply select the traffic package and place your order. The more you order, the more you save!

Step 2

Order will be processed and all you have to do after that is send us your solo ad creative containing the URL you wish to promote. If you need, we can create a custom tracking link. It will help you track the campaign and the clicks.

Step 3

We will revert, usually within 24 hours or sooner with your solo ad send out date, then all you do after that is sit back, relax and wait for the traffic to start flowing.


Question: What makes Solo Ads so effective?

It's the easiest way to get traffic and subscribers by none. There's no "algorithms" to mess with or any
complicated processes involved. It is literally as simple, as "Order your traffic", then sit back and
watch the traffic flow. That's all.

The real beauty of course, is the speed in which it works.

You can grow an internet business ridiculously fast and seriously cheap.
That includes your list.

While it is impossible for us to guarantee your actual results because there are so many factors involved (type of offer, ad copy, etc), I can tell you this:

If you bring a sizzling offer that converts like crazy, and add our traffic, it'll blow the roof off your sales and profits.

Plus, you can be 100% assured that your Solo Ad is sent to only REAL lists and is clicked by REAL readers who are not incentivised in any way, unlike crappy PTC (Paid To Click) networks.

We do not employ the use of pop ups, pop unders, adfly, exit pops or any other kind of junk traffic generation strategies

Your URL is the only stand-alone URL included in the email.

It will not be sneakily included as a "bonus" or "PS" link as practiced by many other not-so-ethical solo ad vendors

We guarantee that you will receive all the clicks you have ordered within the 72 hours of send out date, or you will get a full refund (and the clicks you've already received are yours to keep free of a charge).

So go ahead and order with confidence!

Prices listed below are for unique clicks not raw.

Unique click - are clicks from different (unique) visitors (different IP addresses).

Raw clicks - are all clicks on your link. If someone goes to your link and clicks it 5 times, you will see 1 unique click and 5 raw clicks.

Solo Ads

Solo Ads

Solo Ads

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Even if you’re willing to settle for a more modest amount of success, you still have to get traffic

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P.P.S. Easy, cheap, responsive traffic is seriously hard to come by. And now, the fruit is ripe.

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